Basic Hedgehog Care course

  • 10:00 AM
  • Carlton Marshes, NR33 8HU


Basic Hedgehog Care course

Learn all about hedgehogs, their habits, behaviours, feeding and some basic first aid you can offer if you discover a sick or injured hedgehog or one that is out in daylight, with Paula Baker of Suffolk Prickles Hedgehog Rescue.

Hedgehog numbers have dropped alarmingly in the last ten years and we fear up to a third of the UK’s population has been lost. Participants on the course will be encouraged to become Hedgehog Advocates to provide support for this endearing and endangered creature and raise awareness of its plight.


A wildlife oasis on the edge of Lowestoft

With flower-studded marshes, pools teeming with water life and the shimmer of dragonflies during summer, Carlton Marshes is the Suffolk Broads at their best.

For sheer excitement and awe, birds of prey are hard to beat and marsh harrier, barn owl and hobby are all at home in the skies above Carlton Marshes.

But the underwater world of the dykes is where the real drama is played out, by plants like the insectivorous bladderwort, which traps and digests water fleas in bladder-like sacs under water. Scan the dyke edges too, for a glimpse of Britain’s biggest spider, the fen raft spider which was released here in 2012 to bolster the precariously low UK population.

In early summer there is a fabulous display of southern marsh orchid, marsh marigold and ragged-robin, together with the scarcer bogbean, bog pimpernel and marsh cinquefoill.

The marshes are also ideal for wintering wildfowl and breeding waders with large numbers of wigeon, teal and snipe.